barbBarbara Seidle, Founder
Barbara is a wife, mother, teacher, and Christian. She enjoys Jane Austen novels, cooking foods from around the world, and entertaining her friends with the antics of her life. Barbara’s passion for justice has sprung from the realization that there was a great deal of suffering in the world of which she was previously unaware. Her faith in Christ has moved her to be not only the hands and feet of Christ, but a voice that speaks for justice.

Jay Seidle, Barbara’s husband, offers his skills to facilitate her dream through technical support and site administration.


heather hunt


Heather Paige Hunt
Heather is a joy-filled, Bible-believing, justice-seeker bent on the restoration of hearts. She blogs to inform, inspire and encourage readers to live justly at www.heatherpaiges.com. Heather enjoys jitterbug dancing with her husband, finger painting with her kids, journaling in the morning light and fresh juice.




Jenn Cherry
Jenn is a Christian, wife and homeschooling Mom to her 16 yr old daughter and 12 yr old son. She enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with her family and friends. Reading and learning about the different injustices around the world has been eye opening for her over the last couple of years. Her heart has been moved as she joins with others in praying for and engaging in efforts that address injustice.



rayRay Creighton
Rescued from all-things immoral and redeemed in Jesus Christ, Ray is an undergraduate Psychology and Criminal justice student with Liberty University laboring in the love of researching, understanding, enlightening, and inspiring those on his former path of destruction to embrace the challenges and Reward of the narrow way. Soon to be wed and the proud father of a spirited chocolate Lab, Ray’s interests include worship, cooking, writing, Star Wars, and superheroes.



JoLynn Graubart
JoLynn is a lover of Jesus and wife to her high school boyfriend who spends her days hoarding baby kisses, trying to find her kitchen counters, singing through the madness, and writing whenever she can (read her blog here). Having felt the weight of living as the richest 1%, she was moved to find a way to tangibly bless the poor, and to leave a lasting legacy for her girls in a world where women and children are still trafficked, sold, abused, and belittled. As a Compassionate Entrepreneur with Trades of Hope she has the privilege of empowering women to break the cycle of poverty through the fair trade movement. She is passionate about community, and thrilled to be linking arms with like-minded women who are leaning into the Father and expressing His heart to the broken world.



Cat Batya

Cat is a writer and volunteer with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Her testimony and Biblical worldview have given her a desire to fight for justice. As a blogger and writer, she understands the value of words and the impact they can have on individuals and society. Cat enjoys being outdoors, deep conversations and ministry.




Linda Truscinski

Linda is a public-school elementary school teacher who loves Jesus. Book studies, prayer, and conversation with passionate friends about human trafficking have brought her to a point of action and participation in The Hannah More Project. She loves to talk about teaching, laugh loudly, and encourage friends in their wild ventures.




Jamie Wasson

Jamie Wasson

Jamie starts every day sipping a cup of tea and reminding herself that she is alive and loved and not alone because of Jesus. Throughout her life, she has maintained a passion for celebrating life and supporting others, specifically families, to also experience joy-filled lives. She employs her time as a licensed professional counselor, registered art therapist and certified birth doula. She has focused her professional pursuits on educating, advocating for and empowering people to achieve their fullest potential. She is active in her own art-making and in local and international social justice efforts that promote life’s integrity and value. You can read more about her observations and adventures in life at her blog: My Beautiful Vision

NPN_4cA special thanks to No Pressure Networking for their assistance in getting The Hannah More Project started! We are grateful.

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