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Music can speak volumes to our souls.

Particularly, if you’re like me, that can happen a lot. But sometimes there’s just one line that a song needs or that it has that doesn’t apply to your life.

One of the reasons I love the MercyMe song “Flawless” is that it covers all the bases. Give it a listen.

I love that the song doesn’t just talk about what sins we’ve committed or how far we’ve wandered, but the things that have happened to us too.

Because the reality is, injustice happens. Billions of people are damaged by the actions of another.

I’m not saying that we aren’t all sinners in need of a savior, but that some of us, like me, need to know God will wash away those things we had no control over. Some of the deepest wounds are created when someone attacks, abuses or misuses us.

Part of me felt left out this past Sunday during the sermon. We read Matthew 1 and the sermon focused on family lineage. I thought “Oh boy, this is gonna hit me right where it hurts.” But it didn’t.

The message spoke about the interesting characters in Jesus’ lineage. There’s a prostitute, foreigners, liars – take your pick.

All true and great to point out.

But what about the people in this lineage who were hurt?


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Jacob was tricked into 14 years of labor for his father-in-law. Bathsheba lost her first husband and first child because of David’s sin. The sins of another caused pain to both of these people, and there are probably more like these in Jesus’ family tree.

I come from a broken family, and I need to know God erases the scars created by others. I need to know He’s strong enough, cares enough and won’t hold those things against me.

I want to be clear – God will redeem and heal. The God of the universe, as crazy as it might sound, cares deeply about each injustice committed. To me, you and everyone on the planet.
He can heal: “no matter the bumps, no matter the bruises, no matter the scars.” Only God can make us new.

That’s why He’s integral to justice. That’s why He’s integral to healing. Jesus Christ is the only
One with the power needed to make all things new. When we believe His testimony and accept His sacrifice, He will do a mighty work in us.

If you are a Christian, but you still don’t feel “flawless,” it’s okay. Me neither. But not feeling flawless in the sight of the God of the universe doesn’t make it any less true.

Hold onto that.


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