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Over the past four years, my heart has been broken for the victims of the human sex trade. Within this time, I’ve decided to join the anti-trafficking movement and have made the decision to become a proponent of ending the sex trade, when I’m older. For now, since I’m too young to work with the women and children directly, I decided the best way to do my part was to spread awareness and try to dispel any myths surrounding this issue. Roughly four months ago, I joined the poetry/spoken word scene. Fortunately for me, my school had a spark event and the director of the Tucson Youth Poets, Logan Phillips, came and welcomed me into the world of poetry. This video, if you choose to watch it, is the first poem I ever wrote.

Let word bond us– so we can help the bonded.

But for now, I believe a multitude of thanks are in order.
First and foremost, I want to give a shout out to my brothers and sisters at TYPS who recently represented Tucson at BNV. You guys keep me going!
Mad props to two amazing teachers at UHS, Mrs. Glass and Mr. Herring who supported me throughout all my poetry ventures.
My heart goes out to my dear friend, Reagan Fabry, who not only put up with me to film this video, but also edited it to my heart’s desire. I thank you.
You may be wondering what song is playing in the background of this video, and I am pleased to say that this is the creative genius of none other than Brian Goodall, a dear friend, who wrote this song after visiting the Elmina castle which used to be a hub of the triangle trade and slavery exploitation. His song was recently performed by the Tucson Symphony Pop Orchestra and can be downloaded on iTunes!
I would literally be nowhere without the support from my friends and family. Mad love goes out to Dustin De Jong, whom I consider my biggest fan.
I just ask that you watch, and share this video to help me spread awareness!

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