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When I was in South Africa through Youth With a Mission (YWAM), my team and I went to one township where the people had basically nothing.

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They lived in shacks and had garbage and glass all over the area. They had no birth certificates or any documents so they couldn’t get a job; the women worked as prostitutes so they can get some type of income.










One story was that in the winter, it was very cold and wet, and a baby died in their sleep because of water dripping where they were sleeping. The living conditions were terrible!

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One thing we did was build a garden for them. We taught them how to grow and keep it up, and we also built a wall around it to keep the animals off of it.

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The garden brought the community together.  When we were working on it, they were helping as well!


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The children were helping paint, and the adults were helping with the garden. Some of us were playing with the kids, while others were helping out.











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We all worked together. The garden has a lot of vegetables in it so they have something healthy in their community. The garden gave them hope, and it gave them purpose. It helped them get on their feet again!













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It is now a year later.  With people from my team still there and others there helping out as well, I am sure that the garden has made a great impact on their lives.














They were so hopeful when we built the garden for them and I hope and pray that this garden will be there for years to come, bringing hope for them!


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Written by Laura Auteri

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