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There are three things You Need To Know About 
Unplanned Pregnancies:

  1. Unplanned pregnancies are never unplanned
  2. Unplanned pregnancies are 
NOT about sex!
  3.  Courageous young woman who choose life are often held captive to a life of poverty!

Unplanned Pregnancy is NOT a political issue; it is spiritual, and how Christians respond to the needs of mothers raising children alone, God declares to be “true religion” (James 1:27). But this spiritual issue has profoundinfluences on our society!

83% of single parent families have children being raised by a mother alone (as compared to 17% raised by fathers).

40% of all families living under the poverty level are mothers raising their children alone; with 51.9% being classified as living in EXTREME POVERTY!

Understanding unplanned pregnancies and helping young mothers is crucial to our society and honors God!

Unplanned pregnancies are never unplanned. At ChoiceOne Pregnancy + Sexual Health Resource Centers we know that the Creator gives all life. It is neither by circumstance nor happenstance that life begins nor ends. With the knowledge that God begins and finishes life, ChoiceOne ministers to young women facing unplanned pregnancies within the confidence that God’s plan will not be thwarted.

As home-based missionaries, it is our desire to follow Jesus and respond not only to the great commission of spreading the knowledge of His gift of eternal life; it is to obey the greatest commandment of all; To Love…. Unconditionally. By following the life and words of Jesus, we’ve learned the second truth about unplanned pregnancies; unplanned pregnancies are NOT about sex.

For many in our modern culture, sex has turned into a purely physical act. It is compared to an itch being scratched; a natural force that has no choice and should not be restrained. But we, at ChoiceOne, have come to understand that sex is not a physical compulsion alone. The development of sexuality and the engagement in the sex act are multifaceted, complex, and begin and end in one’s need of being loved. Though pregnancy is a result of the physical act of sex, sex is not simply about scratching an itch, it is a physical response to the soul’s ache for love and acceptance.  

Sexual experimentation reveals the human struggle for love and acceptance. For young women the need for a boyfriend is a result of this longing. A boyfriend to a longing girl’s heart says: I am pretty enough, worthy enough to have a boy like me. Sex becomes a veiled attempt to fill her needs. So many young women surrender their bodies for the momentary, fleeting minutes of sex and are left with feelings of rejection, guilt, and self-loathing. These destructive emotions result in an assault on a girl’s self esteem. For many, sex will be used to mask pain and ultimately causes more pain. She desperately tries to define sex as purely physical; something she controls. But eventually the veil of that lie is lifted. She realizes that she has been used for sex or she used sex to capture and keep love. Offering her body affirms her feelings of unworthiness. For others, the sex act becomes an unsatisfying replacement for true love. It disguises the definition of love and confuses the mind and heart, eroding a young woman’s value and dreams. The act of sex and the definitions of gender, sex, and sexuality have all become the false branding for unconditional acceptance. 

The reality is that for most young women who become pregnant and choose life –

HER life changes forever – HER dreams die – and SHE is held captive by poverty!


The Cairn/ChoiceOne Partnership


Her life and dreams can be restored.

She Can Break The Chains of Poverty & Provide for Her Family!


The Missionaries At ChoiceOne
Respond like Jesus & the woman at the well

We wait for her;

We speak the truth in love;

We present life – for now and for all eternity!

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