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Hosting a Noonday Collection trunk show is one great way to make a twofold difference! As Christians, we are called to seek justice by helping the poor, the oppressed and the orphans. Through Noonday Collection, we can do all three when we buy and promote their beautiful products.

Noonday Collection started with an adoption journey. Jessica Honegger sold jewelry made by Ugandan artisans, Jalia and Daniel, to her friends as a fundraiser. She quickly realized that her sales had as great an impact on Jalia and Daniel’s lives as they did on her future son’s.

See, until their local economies have grown to support their businesses, would-be artisans don’t have a big enough market for their craft. “That’s where you and I come in,” says Katie Carruth who hosted a Noonday Collection Trunk Show last week. Women like Katie grow the marketplace for artisan businesses by hosting parties to showcase their products to friends. As Noonday’s accessories become more popular here, more artisans can join and more communities can experience the economic growth that lifts families and nations out of poverty. Noonday now partners with 30 artisan businesses in 13 countries, creating opportunities for more than 2,000 Artisans and impacting 8,800 family members. As the demand grows artisans are able to employ and train more people. One small business can transform a whole community. Wages in the hands of a few artisans increases their purchasing power at other local businesses thus triggering a positive cycle toward economic growth and prosperity. This is fair trade at it’s finest. Families formerly in poverty are now thriving. People previously vulnerable to oppression grow strong. Children otherwise at risk for being orphaned stay in stable families. Women who, only a few years ago, dressed simply and shaved their heads can now afford to dress beautifully, grow their hair to beautiful braids and wear jewelry themselves! Progress like this spreads! Soon whole regions will be transformed. This is prevention at its finest.

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I asked Katie some of the questions you might have about hosting a Noonday Collection Trunk Show. Here are her responses:

What is a Noonday Collection Trunk Show?
A trunk show is simply a home party where a Noonday Ambassador sets up and displays the work of Noonday’s fabulous artisans, tells their stories, and discusses how the pieces were made. It’s also a time for friends to hang out together and play with jewelry.

How did you connect to an ambassador?
I already knew Erin Rigsby, an ambassador in Texas. But connecting is really simple! Click the host tab on the Noonday website and scroll down to host a trunk show. If you are not ready to commit to hosting, but would like to find an ambassador near you, enter your zip code here.

katie carruthHow did you decide to host a show?
Originally, I planned to host a party as an adoption fundraiser. Adoption is still a very important part of Noonday. Hostesses earn rewards for free accessories, but if your show sponsors an adoption, those rewards turn into cash towards adoption costs. I began organizing my trunk show in the early stages of our adoption, but our adoption process went so quickly that I didn’t have the chance. So instead I was able to have a party while holding my child!

How much time did planning your show take? Was the process difficult or easy?
It was so easy! I am a mother of a 4 year old and a 2 month old and I was able to do it! The hardest part was cleaning my house! My ambassador, Erin, reached out to me to set a date then she sent me text invitations and pictures to email my guests. Over the weeks I updated my facebook event page and reminded people about the party. The day of the show Erin transformed my house into a gorgeous boutique of jewelry, scarves, bags and home accessories then we just enjoyed the night.

How did the party go?
It was fantastic! I had a blast. We spent three hours trying on jewelry and styling each other while eating dessert and having a glass a wine. It’s the perfect girls night out!

What kind of difference did your show make?
My party alone wasn’t earth shattering, but it was a piece of a bigger puzzle. I was able to grow Noonday’s marketplace by spreading the word about its artisans and providing a space for others to purchase their products. Now when I wear my necklace made out of artillery shell casings, I can tell people about Ethiopia- where so many artillery shells lie on the ground that women collect them and melt them down to make their jewelry. In a country so full of war and distress, these women are taking shells and turning their lives around! How amazing is that?!

I can also tell people how Noonday has given International Justice Mission (IJM) $27,000 to fight human injustice!  Fashion that fights human injustice. SOLD.

Noonday IJM

noonday quoteWhat was the response from those who attended?
Not a single person left without buying at least one thing! Hearing Erin tell the stories of these women who are thriving and breaking cycles and full of joy paired with getting our hands on their products and seeing the hard work that goes into each and every piece- how could we not be impacted? Noonday changes not only artisans lives, but ours too.

Hosting sounds great, but can I become an ambassador?
Yes. Read about becoming an ambassador on the Noonday website’s join tab.

I am thankful for Katie’s readiness to host a show and share her experience here in the Story Time Interview SeriesI just signed up to host a trunk show myself in mid-November (great timing for Christmas shopping)! I’m excited!

By spreading the word about Noonday we enable artisans to sell their products in a larger market thus ennobling and emboldening them. Able, bold and noble women are less susceptible to poverty and oppression; their children are less vulnerable to becoming orphans. Because of artisans’ dignified work, whole communities can thrive. Tell a friend about Noonday, host a show or become an ambassador and make a two fold difference!

Style your friends. Change the world. from Noonday Collection on Vimeo.


Commit everything you do to the LordTrust him… and the justice of your cause will shine like the noonday sun.
                                                                                                                       Psalm 37:5-6
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