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I first became interested in got into social justice issues years ago when I first found out about human trafficking through my church. I’ve done the Stop Child Trafficking walk in NYC twice, but when all I thought I could do to raise awareness was raise money, I thought, “like anybody could do that,” so I put it on the back burner. Then last year my boyfriend and I decided to go to Youth with a Mission (YWAM) where I was in the justice track. While I was in the justice track, we learned a lot about all of the different injustices in the world; we also went to South Africa (Capetown/Worchester area) where we got to put what we learned into practice. We presented awareness programs at different high schools and youth groups, and showed them warning signs of how not to get trapped into human trafficking. We worked on safe houses and helped with gardens in different townships. Most importantly, we spread the Gospel. After I got home, I wanted to do more justice work; I didn’t want it to end in South Africa. So I did some research and found the NJ Coalition. I participated in the SOAP outreach, but still, I didn’t want it to end there. I went to the Justice Conference that was a simulcast in one of the churches near me. While I was there, I found out about the Justice Network, and through the Justice network, I found out about the Hannah More Project. I’m so excited that I am able to be a part of this team and that I am able to write about something I am interested in!

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Twenty-two percent of slavery is sex trade. Seventy-eight percent is forced labor. Twenty-eight percent of forced labored slaves are children.

Free the Slaves is an organization to help free modern day slaves. The organization helps communities chart their own path based on their unique needs and circumstances, to build sustainable systems of freedom. They investigate on first hand- experiences within local communities and then they carry it out with partner organizations. Here is their model of addressing key vulnerabilities. “Free the Slaves help communities overcome these vulnerabilities by:

  •   Helping people understand and exercise their rights
  •   Freeing enslaved people and advocating for the provision of basic needs for food, shelter, and safety
  •   Strengthening household security by addressing deficiencies of income, schooling, and health
  •   Organizing community groups against slavery
  •   Educating people on the risks of migrating for working
  •   Providing access to adequate legal protection
  •   Increasing the cost and consequences to perpetrators of slavery
  •   Dismantling the systems that allow slavery to flourish, and creating others that support former slaves learning to live in freedom”

Quoted from freetheslaves.net


Free the Slaves has two young filmmakers who are traveling the world on  a missional year of volunteer service, donating their skills to make videos about slavery and their organization’s front-line projects to end it.


Cassie and Jordan Timpy is a couple from Washington DC who describe themselves as “passionate visual storytellers who will travel to the ends of the earth to capture life’s joys and sorrows.” They are travelling to places such as India, Nepal, Congo, Ghana, Liberia, Nicaragua, Mexico, and several United States cities including New York City, Washington DC, Denver, Los Angeles, and wherever God wants to take them. But first, let’s see the back story of how they came up with this life changing move. They felt led to go a different direction. They didn’t just want their 9-5 jobs, they wanted something more; something that would make a difference. They decided to make a bold decision, and quit their jobs at the end of the year and “dedicate all of 2015 to serving causes all around the world, both Christian, and non-Christian,” said Cassie Timpy.  While on this journey around the world, they will be filming slavery survivors and anti-slavery activists. You can help them by praying or by donating. Check out http://agapevisuals.com/ to learn more about Cassie and Jordan Timpy and their year- long mission around the world.



If you want to get involved with Free the Slaves, the most important thing you can do is donate to help and mobilize and get the word out. Check out their website at freetheslaves.net.



Written by Laura Auteri

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