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What is “A Year of Justice”?
A Year of Justice is a one-year initiative designed to engage Christians in the fight against injustice, violence and oppression both locally and globally. Its threefold mission is to inform people of the issues of injustice, connect them to organizations already working to fight these injustices, and then empower people to actively fight for justice.

What will the Year of Justice entail?
Each month will highlight an area of injustice. Blog posts will vary from educational pieces which address a specific area within that topic to posts which highlight the work of organizations working to fight those issues. Additionally, we will provide daily prayer topics and coordinate periodic times and fasting. Additionally, The Hannah More Project website will provide links to organizations working in a variety of areas who you can join with in the fight for justice. A resources page will provide you with additional resources to learn more about different topics or to help you grow in your own journey as a Christian interested in the issues of injustice in the world.

Why are you including prayer and fasting?
We believe there is nothing more powerful than prayer to address any issue of injustice. As we come to The Lord Jesus Christ on behalf of those crying out for justice, we find the strength and guidance necessary to further act when possible to right a wrong, but we also are able to plead the case for those whose injustice we are not currently able to correct. Fasting, a spiritual discipline often ignored by the modern Christian church, is found in both the Old and New Testaments and was encouraged by Jesus and modeled by him. We believe that fasting adds weight to our prayers and is an opportunity for us to sacrifice our comforts as a reminder to us of those who are suffering while freeing time in our schedule that would normally be spent eating (or with different forms of technology or hobbies) that can now be used for an extended time of prayer.

Who are the writers for this project?
The Hannah More Project is a multi-denominational project with several primary writers; however, we are gathering guest posts from individuals and organizations (both Christian and secular) from across the United States and the world.

What will happen to The Hannah More Project after the Year of Justice is over?
We believe that God is calling us to live lives that seek justice, so we are sure the end of the year will not mark the end of our justice journey. We desire to follow God’s prompting for our lives and this project, so we are waiting on His leading for where He will guide us next.

Written by Barbara Seidle

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